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2017 Aris Anagnos Scholarship Award
The American Hellenic Council is happy to announce that we are accepting applications for the 2017 Aris Anagnos Scholarship! One deserving student will be rewarded $5,000 at our Annual Awards Gala on April 1st and that student could be you (or a loved one). This year's deadline is February 28th. See the details below and download the application directly from this e-mail!

The purpose of this scholarship is to engage the next generation of Greek-Americans with the American Hellenic Council, and reward them for their exemplary academic accomplishments as ambassadors of the Hellenic World in their communities.
The scholarship was established in 2015 by the American Hellenic Council and will henceforth be an ongoing tradition for the organization. Named after one of the founding members of the American Hellenic Council, the Aris Anagnos Scholarship was designed to reward outstanding Greek-American students who have proven themselves individually as well as academically.
The scholarship will provide a one-time reward of $5,000 towards the selected applicant's tuition. A new winner will be designated for a one-time $5,000 scholarship each year henceforth.

Download application at the link below:

Jorgi Nicholau Boom Memorial Fund & Scholarship

This scholarship is not intended merely to further the education of an aspiring student, but to recognize and assist those students who have the vision, values and show potential of doing honor to the name of Jorgi Nicholau Boom. Recipients of the scholarship will be individuals whose character exemplifies the values Jorgi lived by in her personal and professional life.

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Annunciation Endowment Fund (AEF) Scholarship Program

The Endowment Fund of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation has established a scholarship award program for qualified High School graduates who have been accepted to and will enroll in an accredited college or university, a community college, or an accredited/licensed vocational school.  The award is intended for students entering one of these institutions for the first time.    Up to three scholarships of $2500 will be awarded this year.

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2017 GAPA Stadium-Terpsichore Lodge Scholarship

Each year, the Greek American Progressive Association (GAPA) awards scholarships to eligible students in a minimum amount of $1,000. 

The following are the eligibility requirements for the scholarship:

  1. A high school graduate who has been accepted as a first-year student (freshman) to either an accredited four-year university, an accredited two-year community college or an accredited two-year career school; and
  2. The applicant is one of the following: a son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter, or a great grandson/great granddaughter of a GAPA member in good standing, who has for a period of two (2) years attended no less than four (4) meetings in the last year of the Stadium Terpsichore Chapter of GAPA, Sacramento, CA, as evidenced by the sign-in confirmation sheets for such meetings; and
  3. Applicant's grade point average for the ninth through twelfth years is a minimum 3.0 or "B" average; and 
  4. The application must be postmarked no later than May 31 of the year that the applicant enrolls in his/her chosen university, college, or career school.

Further information and a copy of the application can be obtained by emailing the GAPA Achievement Awards Committee.