Mission Statement

"The ONCD II task force will implement a plan to address the factors impacting the church’s organic growth."

What is Orthodox Natural Church Development?

In March 2011 and November 2013, thirty Annunciation members were invited to answer a series of survey questions to determine the strengths and challenges of our parish. The survey, which has been conducted for nearly twenty years by thousands of churches around the world, evaluated the health of our parish based on eight factors: empowering leadership, fervent spirituality, effective church structures, gift-oriented ministry, inspiring worship, holistic fellowship groups, loving relationships and need-oriented evangelism. Annunciation scored high in gift-based ministry and inspiring worship. Our scores were average on empowering leadership, fervent spirituality and effective church structures. Loving relationships was in the low range; however, our lowest scoring area was need-oriented evangelism.
To see the Annunciation Survey Results please click on this link
The Annunciation Natural Church Development Two (ONCD II) Team was formed in June 2014 to carry the torch from the first iteration of ONCD I (June 2011 - May 2014). The ONCD II Team has been charged to address our lowest scoring area, need-oriented evangelism, utilizing a well developed program. In the near future, the Team will invite you to attend small focus meetings to address key questions. We will gather your input, create a detailed plan, implement the plan and evaluate the effectiveness. We pray you will support and participate in this important mission, so that all may “Come and See” and become active members of our Church.

ONCD II Team Members

Mary Ellen Kassotakis 
Victoria Kidman
Lindsey Kivetos
Julie Mamalis
Brigid Perakis
Dusan Radosavljevic
Dan Whaley
Elaine Wright

Update to the Parish Council - November 15, 2015

Wrapping Up the Diagnosis Phase

  • Over the past year, the ONCD II Team has been working toward achieving an accurate “diagnosis" of the current situation.
  • We analyzed the survey results of last year’s ONCD survey (30 participants, selected by Father James), organized several focus groups, and assessed our current ministry performance.
  • Our "minimum factor” or area for most opportunity was noted as “Outreach”.
  • Here are the actions we took:

Next Steps: the Planning Phase

  • The next stage of the ONCD/Parish Strategic Planning process is the Planning component, where we compile requirements for implementation based on the conclusions of our diagnosis.
  • We hope the team members will continue their volunteer work with this Committee, and for the committee to expand.
  • Based on an initial analysis of the external risks and opportunities, we believe the implementation horizon to take longer than 2017 (which was the original projection).
  • The ONCD II team is just in the beginning phase of this approach.
  • In the meantime, we have an "early win" with respect to hiring the new Youth Director. We believe this will assist in normalizing our parish outlook in the short run, and gear us for smoother implementation in the long run.